Monday, June 15, 2009

KSU afghan update!

Couldn't wait to show you how far I've gotten and this isn't even the latest! I'm about 5 rows farther than this now. I'm past the mid-way point. WooHoo! I'm actually quite proud of myslf.; not only did I teach myself a new skill, but I'm sticking to this project and I just know it'll be done by the time DS leaves for school in August.


Aurora said...

WOW that is coming along perfectly!! I am anxious to see it when it's done. He is going to love it!!!

Crafty Christina said...

WOW, I'm honestly amazed. It took me 2 YEARS to finish a lap sized graph ghan. LOL. Amiga, give yourself more credit. The amis are amazing...if it wasn't for a good cause, I would have kept them for myself. heehee. Just like the little bird you gave me has a place of honor at my work computer.

Keri said...

I'm very proud of you, especially for sticking with it. Those longer projects tend to get a little boring for me, and they end up in my WIP drawer. But, you've got a goal, and I know your son is going to love being able to display his beautiful KSU blanket when he goes to school this fall! GREAT JOB!!