Sunday, February 21, 2010

Calorimetry complete!

This was a fun/fast project from called Calorimetry I used RHSS Fleck and love the color. I think it'll come in handy this spring when Dusty and I go walking. I'm thinking of starting up again by March 1st. This 'ole puertorriquena cannot bear the frigid temps in the winter here. I tend to hibernate. My body is paying the price too. I'm all flabby again. Come on spring....hurry up! Apurate!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Dusty modeling the latest project.......

Well, all in all it was a good week. I have so many things to be grateful for. One thing that I am grateful for is my job. I am very lucky to be a teacher in a great district with great kids. I love what I do. Every morning I can wake up and have a good day. I can smile at a student, high 5 a student, or just chat with them. I get to pull out my guitar every morning and sing my favorite Puerto Rican childhood songs as well as all my other favorites, with a group of sweet students sitting at my feet. How lucky is that? Well, its about to get better....I just got nominated for the Blue Valley Teacher of the Year. What an honor. I am sooooo humbled my fellow professional have bestowed this on me. I didn't realize how true the saying was...."It's just an honor to be nominated..." until I have to use it myself, because I really do feel that way.

Onwards to projects......

My Gathered scarf from Ravelry is finally finished. I love the subtle color changes of the yarn. I would've liked it to be a tad longer, but I already used 3 balls of yarn from the LYS, so it was getting to be a costly scarf, so it'll have to do just as it is.

Close up of stitiches.....

Currently on my needles is a project from Knitty. This ear warmer called the Calorimetry. I first saw it over at Christina's blog, it looked so cozy and inviting I just had to try it myself. I am a little over half way done and its a fun, fast project. I'm using some RHSS fleck that I had in my stash, so it's a freebie!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Republic Hat #3

The Republic Hat #3: I sewed 3 buttons on and then with my trusty glue gun added the smaller on top.

Now on to the scarf in matching colors!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


The Jack Russell Terrier Afghan!!!!

I am truly blessed with wonderful in-laws(second time's a charm?). They dearly love their JRT, so without further ado.......Here's Dutch:

Friday, February 5, 2010


Another big snow!

Well, its Friday and snowing here in Kansas. We all groaned when we saw it, but this was different snow; a soft, chunky, wet snow. Great for snowmen, snowballs, and snowboarding. Plus it was only 34 degrees, so we could stay outside a lot longer than when we had our frigid X-mas snow with sub-zero temps.

DS Birthday cake

Last week my "baby" turned 7! We had 5 friends over for a "playdate" (code for how can we top the 4 other parties my son has already been to this month, so we were
fresh out of ideas. LOL.) We have several generations of Legos in tubs(because I do have an 18 and 16 year old), so we dumped them all out on the floor and literally had a sea of Legos. We then decorated cupcakes and finally played with all the Hotwheel sets we have accumulated over the years. All in all it was a very successful party. Just what the boys needed on a cold, dreary January day.
Happy Birthday sweetie!

Projects: The end is in sight for the JRT afghan, I have about 30 more ends to weave in and then I can start on the border. I can't wait to take the final pic and show you all.
I have really been onto knitting these "Republic hats". They are so easy and satisfaction is guaranteed. here are too I just finished up. I am still searching for just the right button for the green one. I hope to start on the Republic Scarf this weekend.

What a wonderful Friday! No school for any of us because it was our "comp" day for doing parent/teacher conferences late Wednesday and Thursday night.