Saturday, October 10, 2009

Project updates.......

Here is Brett and Nicole's wedding afghan. It's a 5 row repeat. It moves along fairly quickly. I do it when I need a break from following my Crochet by Numbers pattern. Here is my Crochet by Numbers pattern. It is going to be an afghan of my in-laws Jack Russell terrier.

Here is the first 12 rows so far.

H1N1 is here!!!!

Look at this poor lil guy. I think H1N1 has hit our house, so far DH, Devin, and now Trenton all have flu-like symptoms. They all started with a low-grade temp. that spikes in a day or two, cold -symptoms, and aches and pains. They are all pretty miserable. Keep your fingers crossed that I come out unscathed. I've got people coming from the Kansas State Dept. of Education to observe me on Monday in class because they want to see an immersion program in action. Whew, I'll be glad when that's over!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This is a revelation to my blog followers out there, not only to I crochet, knit, and craft, but....Hello, my name is Caroline and I am addicted to NASCAR. I know all the drivers, I can tell you who is on the pole, and how many laps the race is. Now with that out of the way, I can tell you we scored tickets to the race when it was here last weekend. It was a dream come true. Some kind soul who was going to be unable to go, gave us 4 tickets for the entire weekend. Halleluiah! Below are the pics that tell the tale of the great time that was had by all:

The start!

Listening to the band "Kansas" before the race(Ironic, huh?) They were awesome. Carry on my wayward son......

By the garages.

Devin and Trenton signing the start/finish line. I did too, of course!!!

All of us in heaven, on the track before the big race.

Quiet Blog=Busy Hooks!

I know I've taken a short hiatus, but that doesn't mean my hook has! I have had crochet ADD lately. I want to sample a lot of projects, but none of them has quenched my thirst for crafting. So I will keep searching.

This is an afghan square I tried. It has a really cute flower in the middle. It cam out of an old Crochet Today magazine...maybe last spring?

My nephew is getting married in December and I started their gift. It's called "Wedding Afghan" and its in the fall issue of Crochet World. It's moving fast and I really think it'll be pretty. I was thinking white would go anywhere; thrown over a chair or corner of a bed.
Here is the pattern for the wedding afghan and the other is the pattern I sent off to Todd Paschall(Crochet by Numbers).
It is going to be for my in-laws, who are soooo hard to buy for and would much rather(or so they tell me...LOL) have something made by me. They are also crazy over their little dog, so I thought....why not? Wish me luck!!!! Below is the training pattern that you can get at Todd's website, so I finished my training and I should be ready to go. I'll buy yarn this weekend.
Miscellaneous Halloween ami ahead......(I told you I was a plethora......)
I packaged these ami's up for gifts.

Here's hoping your hooks are never still.......