Sunday, September 30, 2012

Havin' me some autumn love!

Happy Saturday all! I'm excited to show you some autumn love I've been having. Look at these pumpkins! I think they came out really cute. I've made a total of 4 already, but 2 have flown the coop all ready and are in their new homes. It's been fun plowing through my fabric scraps and notions to find things to embellish with, Hopefully there'll be more to share.

Lastly, I have to leave you with some tried and true fat-free favorites, I make these year after year and friends and family alike are always clamoring for more.

Happy Crafting!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Completed projects!

Hi all! I thought I'd take a few spare moments that I have at the end of the day and post 2 projects I completed over the weekend. The first Tah-Dah is the baby blanket I was working on. I love the colors and I think its going to be just perfect for the little boy its meant for.

The second project I stumbled across while I was "Pinteresting" early Sunday morning.

You can find her blog and the tutorial here. Mine is not near as cute as hers, I'm hoping mine will improve when I try again. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New plants....

I was a mom of small kids for years.....Austen and Taylor, then when they were 8 and 10 along came Devin and Trenton. House plants were never a priority when you have little ones running around underfoot. I worried about little fingers scrounging in the dirt, leaves in the mouths and dumped pots. I looked around my home the other day and realized how devoid of green stuff it is and looked at my kids(2 are in college and  the next 2 are now 9 and 11) I came to the realization that I can have plants again!!! So without further ado...
Tah Dah!

This is the little plaque hanging above the vignette. In English it translates to "Health, love, some spare change, and time to enjoy all of them.

Monday, September 10, 2012

New projects.......

Walking the long aisles at WalMart, I came across these:

Which led me to this:

Didn't they come out sweet? Now I have some perfect hostess gifts to take with me whenever I get invited somewhere.

Next is another circle shawl. I had such great success with this one. That when I walked into a yarn store in Blowing Rock, NC, this yarn spoke to me to make another. Here's the progress so far....
Close up of stitch and yummy yarn.....

Last, but certainly not least, the baby blanket maker is making another one. I am trying the Loops and Thread brand baby yarn from Michael's out on this one. I usually use Baby Bernat, but this yarn was cuddly and the color was cute. It's white with a blue and green fleck.

How do you like those freshly painted tootosies on the bottom...hee, hee!