Saturday, October 30, 2010

Slowly but surely......

Hi! Long time no blog because we blew our USB ports in our home PC so uploading pictures has been nil. I am working on my work laptop this weekend.

I have several projects going on, but can only post about this afghan. You may have seen it in earlier posts here and here. I am making progress, since it is a Christmas gift I guess the urgency hasn't kicked in yet. I have all the squares connected into strip and have 2 stiched together. I am very happy with the results so far. I sure hope my niece will like it. The colors match her room perfectly.

I love decorating for fall. Here is how my front doorstep turned out this year:
Trick ot treating with friends:

More to come.....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Senior moments.......

Not the kind some of us may think! Remeber when, you could sing along with every new song out? You died a thousand deaths on Valentine's Day until you got your first card? Life ended when you didn't get a call to go somewhere on Friday night? The most awesome pair of jeans cost $49.99? Oh, life was so traumatic! To be a senior in High School many of us would go back?

Her is my darling DD, in all her senior glory. I think she looks darling. She sees an awkward, gawky gal. Too tall, too skinny......I feel her pain. Dentists tell her her teeth are too small and need to be capped. What??? A beautiful smile, that is all her own? They want to lay over big, porcelein teeth? Her friends tell her she has no figure. What? Tall and lean, a perfect clothes hanger for all the new styles. Media tells her she's not fabulous. Why not try fake nails, Fake tan? Oh sure, destroy the nails on those long, lithe fingers and start the melanoma already. But, I digress, I am so proud of her and the young woman she has become and will one day be.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Christmas Tree Ornament or Package Topper: Free Pattern

Christmas Tree Ornament or Package Topper

Original pattern by Caroline Chrisco

“G” Hook
Worsted Weight yarn
Small amounts of rickrack and assorted buttons
Polyester Stuffing
Needle and thread

Magic ring, 4 single crochet into ring: do not join, work in a continuous spiral
Round 1 Two sc in each stitch around (8 sc)
Round 2 Sc in each stitch around(8sc)
Round 3 Two sc in next stitch, then one sc in next stitch; repeat 3 more times(12sc)
Round 4 Sc in each stitch around(12sc)
Round 5 Two sc in next stitch then 1 sc in each of the next 2 stitches; repeat 3 more times(16sc)
Round 6 Sc in each stitch around
Round 7 Two sc in next stitch, then 1 sc in each of the next 3 stitches, rpeat 3 more times(20 sc)
Round 8 Sc in each stitch around
Round 9 Two sc in next stitch, then sc in each of the 4 stitches, repeat 3 more times(24 sc)
Round 10-16 Sc in each stitch around
Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing bottom together
Do not stuff yet, I find it much easier to sew all the details into place when the tree is "empty" and you can place your hand inside to assist you in sewing items into place.

I took gold rickrack and tacked it down with a needle and thread to resemble garland. Next, I placed buttons for ornaments and tacked them in place with needle and thread.
Finally, I sewed on a star button at the top of the tree.

Hanging Loop:
With the same yarn as the body of the tree, chain 12 ( more or less, depending on your liking). Attach through top of tree. I generally just pull both ends through and tie a knot on the inside. I don't want it falling off the tree or gift!

Using polyester stuffing, fill your tree. I use the eraser end of a pencil to get it into tight corners and to shape them more sharply., begin sewing the bottom of the tree closed(I use just a plain stitch to do this). As you see the need for stuffing and shaping, do this after every few stitches, you'll be happier with your corners if you do it as you go.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baby Uglee has arrived!

Baby Uglee
Original pattern by Caroline Chrisco
A little toy who’s so ugly, you can’t help but see how cute it is... make one in every color!

WW yarn
G hook
Yarn needle
Small amounts of felt
9mm safety eyes
embroidery needle & thread
polyester stuffing

Chain 22
Row 1: Turn and sc in 2nd chain from hook, then sc in each chain. (20sc)
Row 2: Turn, chain 1 sc in each sc (20 sc)
Row 3-38 Repeat Row 2, fasten off, and leave a long tail for sewing 2 sides together.
*You should have a rectangle that measures approximately 5in. X 10 in. Fold in halfand whip-stitch two sides together.

Face: I work on the facial features now before stuffing and I can easily embroider with my hand inside the “body”.

Since this pattern can fashion more than one particular looking “Uglee” You need to decide how ugly it should be. I choose from a whole host of combinations for eyes.

*2 mis-matched somewhat circular or oblong eyes. ( I use quarters for larger circles and dimes for smaller.
*1 funny shaped eye
*A giant X for one or both eyes.

But this is your Uglee so if you think of an eye that matches the personality of yours, go for it!!!
Trace the pattern of your desired eye shape onto the white felt. Cut it out, also cut a small notch out of the center of the piece of felt so you can slip the safety eye easily through the felt.
Attach the safety eye and felt between rows 7 and 8 on the front of your Uglee. Using white embroidery floss, fasten the felt with very fine stitches all around the edges of the felt to secure it in place.
Repeat with your second eye.

The same “eye” philosophy applies for deciding the personality of the mouth of your Uglee. Choose from these basic mouth styles or design your own.
A “V” shaped smile
A crooked smile
A straight line
Use a WW weight black yarn (RHSS) in a large eye yarn needle and stitch in the mouth.

Choose from these basic teeth styles:
1,2, or 3 small square teeth
1 fang
Tongue sticking out
Fashion these the same way as the background for the eyes. Attach the felt pieces with matching thread to correct positon Body:
When you have the facial features completed you are now ready to finish whip-stitching the remaining sides of the square; leaving a small opening to insert the stuffing. Use the eraser end of a pencil to carefully fill in all the corners. When stuffed to your liking, whip stitch the remaining opening closed.

Legs(make 2):
Legs are made in a continuous spiral. Do not turn. Use a stitch marker to move up after every completed row or count your stitches.
Using the main body color, chain 2.
Row 1 6 sc into second chain from hook (6sc)
Row 2 2sc into every stitch around (12sc)
Row 3 *2 sc into next sc then 1sc in next stitch* repeat all the way around (18sc)
Rows 4-8 sc in every stitch
Row 9 *sc dec in next stitch then sc in neighboring stitch* repeat all the way around (12sc)
Row 10 *sc dec in every stitch around(6sc)
Rows 11 & 12 sc in every stitch around
Fasten off
Stuff lightly

*Additional pattern notes:
I use the invisible single crochet decrease. You can find a great tutorial at

Arms (make 2):
Arms are made in a continuous spiral. Do not turn. Use a stitch marker to move up after every completed row or count your stitches.
Using main body color, chain 2
Row 1 6 sc into second chain from hook (6sc)
Row 2 2sc in next sc, then sc in each of the next 2 stitches, then 2sc in next stitch, rpeat 2 more times(9sc)
Rows 3-7 sc in each stitch,
At the end of row 7,
Row 8 sc dec in first stitch then sc in next 2 stitches; repeat around(6sc)
Rows 9-10 sc in every stitch
Fasten off.
Stuff lightly.
Attach arms and legs to desired sides.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tri-Ami Animals

My Mouse Ami pattern that has recently been published in the 2011 Pattern-A-Day Calendar has garnered quite a bit of attention lately and I was approached about designing an entire set based on the simple shape and pieces of the original mouse. Well, I have been sketching, crocheting, and ripping out furiously and here are the first few in may what be a new line of amigurumis by me! I had the idea about maybe doing them in thematic sets: Farm(mouse, duck, pig, bunny, chicken, cow), zoo(penguin, lion, tiger, alligator), and maybe alien(little green!) Sooooo anyway, what do ya think? Any comment, feedback, or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Have a fabulous Friday!!!

And's NASCAR day here in Kansas! We're off to the track, Pictures to come!