Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crafty Christina shared a wonderful story of how a big corporation came through for her and her hubby. Here's mine: My Dh was laid off about 6 months ago. Insurance was supposed to continue for 3o days after the termination. I already had dentist visits scheduled for the family and thought we would still be covered, but to make sure I called the insurance company the morning of the visit and verified that we would still be covered and they okayed everything. Forward to now, we just got a notice in the mail denying payment for those services rendered 6 months ago! The dentist visits cost more than $700. The insurance said they were revoking coverage retroactively. What? How can you give coverage one day and then 6 months later say "Oh BTW, we're taking it back!" Anyhoo...I called the insurance they gave me the liason for my husband's ex-company and she admitted it was a dumb error. Especially since it is on the insurance co. records that I called that morning and verified coverage. So the bill is going to be paid for. Wheww!
So far lil' guys 2.....big guys 0


Gloria said...

Good Morning Caroline:
It is a good thing that you called to verify coverage and then again when you got a bill. In addition to my job, I volunteered as a legal advocate and I would constantly tell people don't take things for granted, don't be a sloth, make the called, call back, double check, ask who you are speaking to, get their i.d. no. write down the date, write a letter per our conversation on this date. In this world you must dot your i's cross your t'S.
My son and his gf had a wonderful time at the prom, made it home safe and locked himself out of the midnight the phone was ringing "mom I am out front let me in". lol
Have a wonderful Thursday.

Crafty Christina said...

Yay for the little guys! I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue.