Monday, January 18, 2010

Pulling out all the Wips!

Fellow bloggers; we have been challeged by Greyt Balls of Yarn to scavenge through our stash and see how many projects we currently have in progress or have left behind. I'm pretty good about finishing most of my Wips up or frogging them and putting the yarn to good use another way. About once a year when I organize my stash, patterns, and magazines; I also make a list of all the projects I may have started and would like to finsih. That is when I frog or finish. So, without further ado...........

The JRT afghan:(currently on row 108 of 125, the end is in sight!)
A shrug, I really want to get this one done this year!!
Floaty fall scarf( From the autumn issue of Crochet Today!)

Started this for Devin's 2nd grade teacher who was pig crazy, well, Devin is in 3rd grade now...maybe I didn't finish this because I was winging it (no pattern!)...LOL
Granny baby blanket, raan out of yarn, need to go buy some with next Michael's coupon.

The Republic scarf from Ravelry is on my needles also, but I frogged it baaack to the first row becasue my gauge was off, so nothing much to see there.
There you have it my dirty Wips, hung out there for all to see.
Happy MLK day!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I missed Wip Wednesday and I can't pull all my UFO's together on a school night for Greyt Balls of Yarn's challenge, but here is my "Republic Hat"from Ravelry and I absolutely love it!!!!!

Close up of button(I splurged and went to my LYS and bought one....$2.30 a piece; so worth it!)
Me, modeling in my classroom at school(after hours, of course!!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow day part deux!

Hi all! yesterday we had no school because of the impending blizzard bearing down on us, well it came and went and now we're still out of school! Temperatures have plummeted here( a nice brisk 1 degree! with a 20 below wind chill!) So with snow and chill we're home another day!!

Here is a quick project update....remember the Jack Russell afghan I was making for my in-laws? Well.....I found on mistake I had made on row 65 and I was on row 119 two days before Christmas. The end was in sight!!! I just could not give it to them in good conscience with such an obvious blunder especially snce I had already put so much time into it.'s where I am now row 91:

It's slowly taking shape again. I did show it to them and told them to hold on just a bit longer....!

Here is something on my needles when I need a break from the doggie-ghan. A scarf and hat set both from Ravelry:

Happy Thursday everyone!