Friday, June 19, 2009

Argh!!!! Slow goin'! More KSU afghan.....

The afghan was sailing along, now I've hit the lettering. It's soooo slow and time-consuming. I want to get every color-change just and counting the right number of stitches is mind-numbing. I only got 2 rows done yesterday and only one-half of a row today.
Devin finished his baskeball camp yesterday and seemed to enjoy it. We have tennis lessons next week, but those are only for an hour Mon/Wed/Fri. Hopefully we'll get some pool time.
Taylor has had her full driver's license for over 2 weeks now and is just itching to drive more and more. It is sure nerve-wracking to watch her drive off. I don't settle down until the car is back in the garage.
DH starts for home tomorrow afternoon. He should be home early Monday morning. Hope he dosen't run into any of the storms.


Keri said...

Caroline, I'm amazed at how quickly you've gotten this far on the KSU afghan. I thought I was speedy, but I think you leave me in your dust. It's going to be SOOO worth it when you're finished. Hang in there! I, too, hope your DH misses all the nasty weather. You in Kansas, me in Oklahoma . . . I thought we had the market cornered on tornadoes, but unfortunately, other states are feeling the wrath of Mother Nature. I'll keep your DH in my thoughts and prayers, and also your daughter, who is a new driver. I had to go through that with my 26-yr-old, and I can certainly relate to how your feel. I'm not looking forward to my 10-yr-old getting behind the wheel.

Crafty Christina said...

Just keep atit slow and steady. When it gets to be too annoying, give it a break.

I can;t even think about Pi driving one day. WHat a scary thought.

I hope your hubby gets home without dealing with the storms. We've been having non stop rain here.

Gloria said...

It look mind numbing...and I am sure it is slow going but you are going to feel so good and proud when your done. You might not ever do one again
Tennis.....the rackets are waiting in my front hall closet Caroline but it hasn't stopped raining....we aren't suppose to see sun until June 28th..!!!! Another short New England Summer!!! Oh how I hated the kids learning to drive....I was more nervous with my son, I suppose it was because my daughter was always overly confidents and he seemed a bit nervous but not as nervous as me! I still down like driving in the car with the kids..I avoid it believe you me....truthfully the older I get the more I hate being the passenger in the car. I think my husband is the only person I relax in the car with.....Tom the man with patients of steel!
Well get some tennis and swimming in for all us up here in boston!