Monday, September 29, 2008


Here is another original pattern by moi! I think he came out pretty cute. I was so busy designing him I didn't take notes on how he was made. I guess I'll have to deconstruct him and write out the pattern. Hope you like him! He is sitting on my mantle right now and I love him.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


This has not been tested by anyone except me! Good luck!
G hook and white worsted weight yarn
chain 2
6 sc in 2nd chain from hook(6sc)
2 sc in each sc around(12 sc)
sc 1 then 2sc in next sc around (18 sc)
sc 2 then 2sc in next sc around( 24)
sc 3 then 2sc in next sc around(30)
sc 4 then 2sc in next sc around(36)
sc next 4 rounds
sc 4, dec 1 in next sc around (30)
sc 3, dec 1 in next sc around(24)
sc 2, dec 1 in next sc aound(18)
sc 1, dec 1 in next sc around(12)
place eyes(I used 15mm safety eyes)
stuff head
sc next 2 rounds for neck(12sc)
sc 1 then 2c in next sc around(18)
sc 2 then 2 sc in next sc around(24)
sc 3 then 2sc in next sc around (30)
sc 4 then 2sc in next sc around(36)
sc to desired length of ghost "skirt"( I did 9 to 10 rounds)
*last row: shell 5 sc, sk 1 sc, sl st next sc, sk 1, sc shell 5 sc in next sc aound(10 shells)
I did not stuff the "skirt" of the ghost so that it would look flowy and more spooky. Mine stands about 6 inches tall. I also think I am going to suspend him with invisible thread above my ghost village I have here at home.
Please email me with any questions or corrections! I would love to see any finished products!!!
All comments welcome!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Well another week gone. Isn't funny how time is picking up speed the older we get. This week was failrly uneventful at school. I did get to take Friday off for my yearly doctor appointment(yuk, but yay for the day off!)

NASCAR is in town this weekend and we took our yearly pilmigrage to the racetrack and watched practice and qualifying. The little boys are now old enough o sit through it in its entirety.(This is the first year for that!)

I have been working on a baby blanket all week and its not quite done yet. I'm about 10 rounds away from doing the trim; hope to have a picture of it by next week. I also wanted to post a few pictures of past projects that I worked on over the past month. If you don't remember I bought Ana Paoli's book of Amigurumi and have made almost every animal in it. LOOOOve it!

Owl from Ana Paoli:

Kristie MN's free pattern:

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I haven't stopped crocheting!

I know I have let my blog slip this past month, but I have never stopped crocheting. There have been so many projects. Here are just a few:


My little boys and me on the first day of school in my room: