I am a school teacher. I teach Elementary Spanish. I love being bilingual and I love that being raised in Puerto Rico has so greatly enriched my life.

I am basically a pretty happy person; a glass half full instead of half empty. Not much gets under my skin. Little things make me happy: A diet coke brought home to me by my husband, a beautiful sunrise when I’m walking the dog, a hug from my 8 year old, or a “Thanks mom” from my 19 year old.

Dark chocolate is tops for me! Dark chocolate plain or dipped, spread or in anything.

Things I like to do:

I love to read about it in patterns, magazines, and books!
I love to browse the yarn aisles at the local craft store and WalMart.
I love buying new hooks and stitch holders, just to have new and different ones.
I also play the guitar and love singing. I gave it up publicly years ago, but it still gives me a lot of pleasure. I still sing and play for my students every day. Favorite smells: anything light and fresh. I really don't care for lavendar or eucalyptus. Favorite color: I like brights. I love red, burgandy, gold, deep greens and blues. I also like hot pink, neon green, and orange.