Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy summer week!

Well, the younger guys both had baseball games tonight, so it was divide and conquer. Taylor and I took Trenton to his game(She got to drive!) Dad took Devin to his. The weather was soooo humid we just sat in piles of sweat, but the games were fun to watch.

Tennis lessons tomorrow, my yearly mammography tomorrow( my mom is a 22 year BC survivor....do your monthly check ups!), pool tomorrow. Can we get it all in? It's summer, of cours we shall prevail! LOL!

Friday, is the day I'm actually dreading the most this summer. My ex-husband and I are taking our oldest, Austen to his college orientation for the day. So picuture this; here is someone who I divorced more than 14 years ago and I have to ride with him and Austen; 2 and a half hours to Manhattan, KS where K-State is located. Then I have to sit with him all day through all the presentations. Next I have to eat lunch and dinner with him, finally I have to ride with him 2 and a half hours all the way back to KC. How I wish it was just Austen and me. What fun we would have. Anyways, I do want Austen to have a good time and enjoy exploring his university, so I will do my darndest to make it so.

Last but not least, KSU afghan update!!!!! Heh, heh, thought you were going to make clean get away, eh?


Crafty Christina said...

I hate spending time with my ex too. Just grin and bear it and think how you won't have to do it again for a long long time.

Aurora said...

oh no the ex?? sure wish he could just meet you there...but hopefully all will go well, and you will have a fun time with Austen. I am really loving the afghan. Great job.

Keri said...

I divorced my first husband in 1985 after 5 years of marriage. He remarried, as did I, and everyone went on their merry ways. Just last November, he passed away, after a 2-year battle with colon cancer. He was only 50! My oldest daughter just had to celebrate her first Father's Day without her daddy, and it was horribly sad to watch her go through that. So, I guess this is just to encourage you to see the positives in your day with your ex. I'm sure it will all be worth it for the sake of your son.

Oh, and I'm absolutely LOVING your KSU afghan. You're going to succeed in getting me to attempt one if you're not careful! :)

Gloria said...

Caroline the Afghan looks fantastic, I know it's a lot of work but it is so worth it. I not only see the Afghan as a work of art but a way to inspire your children about college.

My husband is 14 yrs older than I and he was married before we met, actually I think I was 9 the first time he married...lol....anywho because he had two children with her we chose to always get along for the sake of the kids......but truth be told none of us enjoy being in one another company and now that the kids have got older we hardly ever see them...so the bright side is you will only have to suck it up a few more times.

Bring your yarn and sit in the back seat and if you have an ipod or cd player with headphones bring it along.....this way you at least avoid conversation with the x while driving there and back.

Take care and I hope you guys are wearing sunblock at those games.

Gloria said...

Good Morning Caroline:

Sorry to hear about the bout with your ucler.
I hope your feeling better. When my stomach is bothering me I boil hot water and steep fresh ginger, a tsp honey and a sqeeze of fresh lemon....(easy on the lemon). Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory, Lemon although citrus aids in balancing your ph/alkaline and honey works as a natural antibiotic.

I figured out the pattern and I should have the hat done tonight.

I enjoyed the front post double crochet.....the hat was actually very easy ...just got a bit stuck with the instructions !

I bought the book A-Z guide on crochet ....and I am very pleased with the directions/explanation and visual illustrations on different stitches......I use this book often to either learn a new stitch or to make sure I am crocheting the stitch the correct way.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Caroline! Your KSU afghan may be going slowly, but it is looking well worth it!! You're really doing a beautiful job with it!

Anonymous said...

I am wanting to make a KSU afghan for some military friends who are stationed down here. They are huge fans & I LOVE yours!!! Do you have a crochet pattern for it that you would be willing to share? It would be greatly appreciated!