Monday, January 16, 2012

Who woulda thunk it?

Who would have ever thought that here, in the middle of January; one could walk outside in shirt sleeves and be perfectly comfortable? It truely is a sight to behold. The sun is out here in the heartland this morning and the temperatures can't even be described as crisp. Isn't that just cool?
Over the weekend I got a chance to get back into my kitchen. After being under the weather for so long it felt good to be banging pans and clanging utensils together. I perused several cooking blogs and came across this Cinnamon Roll Cake.  We ate it for breakfast on Sunday and everyone agreed it was the new favorite. What made it different from my traditional coffe cake was that all that gooey goodness was inside every bite of the cake istead of being confined on top and having a lot of dull, bland cake left on the bottom. Thumbs up!
I also made this: French dip sandwich. No pics to show, but it made a great dinner last night while we finished up watching some of the football games. I added provolone to the sandwiches and tater tots on the side and we feasted heartily. For desert, I made these Cake batter Truffles.  One at a time only please, these are really rich, enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.
I did have time for some knitting too. I am working on yet another Gap-tastic Cowl. This one is for my SIL, who was a big help during my surgery. I am trying out this yarn from Lionbrand: It's really soft, the color is nice, and the price is right.
I am currently binding off, so this one is almost for the ages!
Have a marvelous Monday!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


A dark, shadowy body was standing over me when I awoke with a a start at 3:30 this morning. A shaky voice; "Mom, I don't feel good...." It was my youngest DS. I was up like a shot and reached for his forehead. He was warm and the themometer confirmed it with a reading a 101.4 degrees. Looks like it'll be a quiet Saturday at home today, even though I love that, I hate to have anyone sick and we all know how yucky a temperature can make us feel.

DD leaves for college tomorrow and here is her Gap-tastic Cowl 

I used Dewdrops from Michael's. It's a cute, bulky yarn with sequins already sewn in. Makes it look like you did alot and really its just purling and knitting. :-)

Now I can concentrate on the finishing touches of my Button-Down Wrap. 
Have a safe Saturday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let 2012 begin......

Hellooooo! How is your 2012 going? Mine got off to quite a rough and painful start. It all began on New year's DH treated me and the boys to a nice dinner at a restaurant called Granite City Brewery. We made a party of it. I started off with a glass off Pinot Grigio and soft pretzel sticks with cheese dipping sauce(yum!) My youngest DS helped me with those. DH treated himself to a sumptuous steak and a good time was had by all. The trouble began after the ball had dropped in NYC and we all hugged each other and bid each other good night. My stomach had started bothering me earlier in the evening and then my entire chest and back was gripped with excruciating pain. Thinking it was just reflux and I hunkered down in the family room with my Tums and Pepto. Fastfoward 4 long and painful hours later when my DH awoke to me still moaning and writhing in pain. He promptly called his mom to cover the house with boys and rushed me to the nearest ER. Now this really is getting to be to long of a story, huh? Well, it was my gall bladder. How about that? Isn't it silly of all things that's what it was. I actually had to undergo two procedures, the first was an ERCP to remove gallstones in my common bile duct(which is a little microscope inserted through your mouth) then I had the bladder removed laproscopically. Suffice it to say I'm finally all better!!!!!!!! I return to work for half days tomorrow and Friday then full-time on Tuesday. Yay!!!!!

Enuff of that.... onto yarny, fibery goodness!!!!  Even though I took an entire week off of my hooks and needles, I still have quite a  bit to show you. some I finished right before my illness and some I've just dove into.

This is yet another Gap-tastic Cowl. I used this really cool yarn from Michael's called DewDrops, It has sequins sewn into it. You can see the little sparkle in the picure. I love it.

Next up is my Button-Down Wrap. You can see my starting it here.

My very first knitted button hole! The wrap currently measures about 54 inches and it needs to be about 56 inches, so the end is in sight.

Here are the buttons, I picked out! Can't wait to add them!
Here is yet another Gap-tastic Cowl, this one is for the college DD. She saw mine with the little bling and wanted one for herself, I'm happy to oblige!

My illness lead to an unexpected yarn windfall. My dear staff and friends at school gave me a gift card to the local LYS. They are all too familiar with my fiber fascination. These three skeins of Cascade Rustic may be used for this crochet cardigan. 
I thin it'll be darling with a black or white tee underneath it.
This little collection of yarn is for a super top-secret project. I may let you in on it once I have finished planning it, but I don't want to tip my hand just yet. Hee! Hee!

Well, there you have it the start of 2012. I hope your first week has been happy and healthy. Give someone a smile or a hug today!