Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkins! Pumpkins!

Well we finally got around to carving our pumpkins today and even if I do say so myself, they look MARVELOUS! The little boys added capes to theirs and the one with the big, toothy grin is my husband's. Didn't he do a great job? He probably enjoys this tradition more than anyone. He says he doesn't remember getting to do it as a kid.

Here are my two little guys in their costumes. Notice the "action" poses. They getting really into it this year. They have never seen any of the Star War movies, but I guess these characters are now a part of our popular culture now.

Feliz Halloween!


Friday, October 24, 2008

No calorie....No fat!

Here are thr treat bags I'm giving the kids teachers. I think they're cute and best of all it can decorate their desks for the next few years. This candy will never go old!


I wore my gray shrug to school last week(check out this post and a Third grade teacher in my building fell in love with it, so she commissioned me to make her 2!!! So here is the first one:

I used almost 2 skeins of RHSS in black fleck and a big button from WalMart. She paid me $35 and wants one in gray like mine with a big,sparkly button. I'm half-way up the back and sleeves on that one.
My other crochet-project for this weekend is I am making gift-bags for the kids teachers filled with my crocheted candy corn. I bought plastic treat bags and an going to put 3 candy corn ami's in each and then decorate with ribbon and raffia. I'll post a pic of the final project. I'm hoping it'll be cute.

I am home from school today because I worked 2 twelve hour days on Wed. and Thurs. this week for Parent-Teacher conferences....whewww! The weather is cold, dreary, and wet here , so we may just stay curled up inside today. My hubby and I do have "date-night". My MIL(who is a doll!) is coming to baby-sit while we get to have drinks, appetizers and a movie. I wonder what's out? I haven't seen ads to know if any good movies are out tonite.

Happy Firday everyone or if we were still on the island...Feliz viernes social!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween table decorations!

I made some of these amigurumi candy corn:
Then gathered up my spider, ghost, and a jack-o-lantern and made a center arrangement for my dining room table. The fabric is a scrap I bought at JoAnn's a few years ago, I just hemmed it. Here's the finished product:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The candy man can!

My dad had an album growing up by the Ray Coniff Singers and one of my favorite songs on it was "The Candy Man"(Cheesy, I know, but good, clean fun!) I was fooling around with a candy corn pattern and wondering if I could turn it into some sort of amigurumi and here's my latest:

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My shrug!

I have something new to wear for the teacher meetings all day tomorrow! This is my shrug that I made with 3 skeins of .99 each Bernat Beralla yarn. I kinda followed the SnB HH shrug pattern but made a few changes. I eleminated the tie and am using a sparkly brooch, so I kind adjust it the way I want.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who doesn't like candy corn?

I whip these up every year for quick teacher gifts etc. I sent some to my mom this year. I hope she likes. My MIL gets her set Friday night when she comes to babysit.

Can't wait to show off the shrug I'm working on...just a few more rounds of trim....stay tuned!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thank goodness for Saturday!

Got up, made Bisquick waffles for breakfast, decorated house for autumn/Halloween, made a trip to Target to pick up a b-day present for Trenton to take with him to a party later today. If this had been a regular weekday; none of that would have gotten done.

While Trenton was at his party I did manage to sneak in a quick trip to Michael's......$.99 each! I've started a shrug.