Sunday, February 26, 2012

A UFO, granny love and a treat..........

Hi all! The Joplin Vest has stalled out. I started it here with such hope and promise and now it is the bain of my existence. I have run out of yarn on Row 31 of a 36 row project. Argh!!!!!!!!!! So it sits and I sit with my fingering hovering over the "purchase now" button, to buy that final skein or fasten off now and just deal with it unfinished. What do you think?

Next project up....Granny squares. I've been toying with a design idea for awhile. Here are the first few. I took these pictures about 5:00 yesterday afternoon , so the colors aren't true, but, oh well, you get the idea.

Here's my gift! Can you guess what it is?
I won a giveaway at Appleblossoms Dreams blog. I have been in love with this scarf since I first saw it here in her post. I love it even more in person. Thanks so much Astri!

Happy Sunday all!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Crochet mojo.....NEW PROJECT!

Hello! It's a stay-at-home day today. Parent/Teacher conferences were Wednesday night, all day Thursday, and Thursday night, so today is our comp day. Yay! Jammies and crochet are on tap for today!

Ever since my surgery at the beginning of the month my crochet mojo has floundered.  Has that ever happened to you? I would look at projects, but my heart just wasn't in them to start them. I would idly flip through my magazines, but nothing stirred me enough to pick up my hooks, until.....

Isn't going to be great? I'm sure hoping so and it has me hooking excitedly again. The yarn I picked up at my LYS and it should have been pricey, but wasn't because it was over half price off! It is wonderful to touch and will make this project very wearable. I am having to make some modifications because my yarn and hook size are different, but so far so good; everything seems to running correctly.

Thanks to Hazel and Rob for the blog awards. I appreciate you stopping by and giving me a nod!

Have a fabulous Friday!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Owlie pattern

Here is my own version of one of those cute little owls you've seen across blogland, Pinterest, or Ravelry.

G hook
small amounts of worsted weight yarn
9mm safety eyes(I've used 12mm too and they look cute too!)
Polyester stuffing
scraps of felt/fabric

To start:
Owl is worked in a continuous spiral, do not join rounds, just count! :-)

Magic circle and then 6sc into center.
Rnd. 1  2sc in each stitch around (12sc)
Rnd. 2  1 sc in next stitch, then 2 sc in next; repeat around until you have 18sc.
Rnd. 3  1 sc in each of the next 2 stitches, then 2sc in next; repeat around until you have 24 sc.
Rnd. 4  1 sc in each of next three stitches, then 2sc in next stitch; repeat around until you have 30 sc.
Rnd. 5 sc dec in first stitch, then sc next 13, sc dec again, then 13 sc.
Rnds.6-18 sc in each stitch around
Rnd. 19 sc dec in first stitch, sc in next 11 sc, then sc dec again sc next 11 stitches
Rnd.20 sc in each stitch around

Before stuffing, decorate the outside of your owlie. This is where every owl really comes to life. I have included several pictures to show just a few of the ideas I have used to embellish each owl. No 2 are ever alike. Some of my ideas include buttons or safety eyes, felt or fabric for wings, felt or yarn for outlining the eyes, embroidery floss for french knots to embellish eyes or wings.

You can see more ideas to embellish your owlies here here, and here.

 After you have decorated your owlie, its time to stuff him firmly and pinch together the top seam and I single crochet across the top. I like the seam it gives and then you can pull and shape the sides to make it look like "ears".