Thursday, November 27, 2008

Food post ahead!

Here is the 7 layer dip I am taking to my SIL's house today for Thanksgiving dinner. Look at it first, and then I will tell you what's wrong with it. LOL

Well, I assembled all my ingredients last night on the counter(or so I thought....) in preparation to make this. I carefully mixed taco seasoning with the refried beans and spread that in the pan first. Next, I rinsed the black beans and layered those next. Sour cream, shedded cheddar cheese, olives and chives followed. Now look at the pic again, when did I remember the salsa? This morning!!! Arghhhhh!!!! It was supposed to go on top of the refried beans. I dolloped it on top and hope everyone else will think its artistic.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Alert! Ramblings and a turkey potholder!

Turkey potholder....Sugar and cream yarn:pattern out of Country Woman magazine.

Today the entire family was home. I actually slept in until after 8:00am. Taylor(my oldest daughter)kept the lil boys quiet and I swear I didn't know anyone was even up. What a surprise to come downstairs and realize everyone was awake but me. AHHHHH! It felt good.

We decided to go to a matinee today. We saw "Bolt" in 3-D. It was a really cute movie. The guys loved it. It was definitely a feel good movie. Everyone left with a smile on thier faces.

we're going to my SIL for turkey day dinner and I'm much like my blog-buddy Crafty Christinawho has bought a turkey and will prepare it the next day because we want leftovers!!! My SIL dosen't want me to bring anything so I guess I get to go and enjoy. Side note: I am taking a seven-layer dip, just to show I'm not totally without manners. My momma said you never show up empty-handed to a gathering. Maybe I'll post a pic of it when its done later tonite. It's gonna be good.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all. I am so thankful for my family, friends, my home, and my life.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another shrug. I am so addicted to this pattern. This is brown RHSS with a fleck in it. I adapted the pattern a little. I don't know if I'll keept his one or sell it. There is a bazaar coming up on Dec. 7th and 13th. I have been asked to participate at both. It might be nice to sell a few things before the holidays for some extra spending cash. Things are tight this year.

Close up of buttton:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

(sing to the tune"Happy Birthday)Happy Saturday to me! Happy Saturday to me! Happy Saturday to me.....! This is one of the best Saturdays ever because when this weekend is over there are only 2, count 'em, 2 work days this week. School is only in session on Monday and Tuesday this week and our principal gave us permission to wear jeans on both days. WoooHoo! Its the lil' things in life that count.....:)

Anyway, my last post was about a turkey I made for my MIL and I gifted it to her last night and she loved it. Her face just lit up when I presented it to her.That made it so worthwhile.

Here is a santa purse I completed this week. I don't have anyone to give it too, but it was too darn cute not to make. Hopefully an occasion will present itself so I can give him away.

One more note; my DH and I tried to go see a movie last night. There is nothing of any quality out rith now. (must be waiting for this coming weekend to release the good stuff) So we bought tickets for "Rachael got married." it was sooooo slow. It was like watching some other families home movies. DH got antsy about half way thru, so we left and caught the tail end of Quantum of Solace.(James Bond) At least he's easy on the eyes. :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Turkey!

Here is my latest project. He is a stuffed turkey; he stands about 9 inches tall and I think he is darling. I am going to gift him to my MIL for all the babysitting she does. Until then, he gets to sit on my mantle.

Homemade Turkey!

I started out dreading this project that Devin's 2nd grade teacher sent home. The assignment was to make a turkey, any kind of turkey as a family and send it in to display in the library. Well, we decided to use a leftover pumpkin from Halloween(recycle, right?) and then decorated with felt,feathers, beads, and wheat. Devin and I are pretty proud of him.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Winner Announced!

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for all the comments left. I had a ball getting visited from places as close as Wichita and as far away as Great Britain. I won't keep you in suspences any more....the winner of my 1 year Blog-a-versary contest is...........(drumroll please......):

Craziebunny! She voted for the ami-candy corn.

I loved making my ami-candy corns. They became my signature piece this season. All my freinds, collegues, and family found themselves to be the owner of one of these lil' darlings, sometime during this past month. But I must say that all of my projects have fond memories. My shrugs, potholders, and ami's all are in good, loving homes, but I take solace that a little part of me is with the special paople I gifted them to. Email me, craziebunny to claim your prize!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Blog-a-versary!

I'm celebrating 1 entire year of blogging and I'd like to sponsor a contest. Journey with me back throughout the year and vote on your favorite project. If its also my favorite and you're the first one to leave a comment on it....Ta -da! You're the winner of the contest and I'll send you a special prize!

There you have a retrospective of the year that was crochet. I'd love to hear from ya!!I'll announce the winner on Sunday, Nov. 9th, 2008.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Week in Review.........

Trenton before Trick or Treating:
Devin at school parade:

It was a good, fast week that ended with Halloween and Trick or Treating. We had parties at school on Friday and then came home for a couple of hours and went out door to door. The weather here was absolutely perfect. It was 70 degrees, no wind (in Kansas?) The boys made it for at least over an hour and came home with some heavy bags. They dumped it out on the floor and made a couple of piles: Good, Dad's, & giveaway. LOL.

I finished the baby blanket that I have been working on since Sept. I frogged the border twice. The first time I started with the wrong stitch and the next time it was too tight and made the blanket pucker all the way around. Now I am pleased with the result and will actually give it to the 3rd grade teacher in our building this coming week at her shower.
Close-up of border:
Entire blanket:

The pattern is from the 2008 365 Days of Crochet calendar and its Nov. 24th.
One more note, I completed and sold the other shrug and made a tidy little profit.