Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hello Saturday!


I am at an extremely busy time this weekend, so what do I do? BLOG. of course! My DH is out of town until this coming Friday, which for us is a lOOOOOng time. We are still each others BFF and if we can't see and talk with each other everyday, it is a burden!!! With who am I supposed to share the gory details of the Elementary school schedule meeting with?  Who is he supposed to share his frustrations with current United States leadership with? * Sigh* Oh well, on top of it all it is my 3rd son's 11th birthday.  I have to handle 7, 11 year old boys today bowling, laser-tagging, and mini-golfing for 2 hours! What was I thinking when I agreed to having more kids?????? Anyway, we should have a fabulous time, I handle 26 5th graders at any given moment, but it is always different when it is your own, isn't it?

I have finally decide on a complimentary square to join my Wedding square. I am just going to do a traditional granny-type square. I did not use a pattern from book, but just remembered some random pattern that I must have done in years past.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bobble Owl-free pattern


Bobble Owl

By Caroline Chrisco

WW yarn
G hook
2 small buttons for eyes
Embroidery needle and floss
Polyester stuffing
Special Stitches:

Beginning Bobble(BB) chain 3, then 3 dc in selected stitch, next remove hook from loop of last completed dc, insert hook through the 3rd chain of beginning chain 3, catch the loop you just dropped and slip stitch through that chain of beginning chain 3; chain 1

Make Bobble(MB) 4 dc in designated stitch; next remove hook from loop of last completed dc, insert hook through top of first completed dc, slip stitch through that dc; chain 1.
To begin: Chain 11

Round 1- Beginning Bobble, then *skip a chain, next Make Bobble* Repeat between* three more times; finally 2 MB in last chain. Continuing down the opposite side of your starting chain MB in the first skipped chain 1 space. Repeat MB 2 more times using the skipped chains( so the bobbled are falling in between the previously made bobbles.) MB in the same space as your BB. Slip stitch the last bobble to the chain one of BB (10 bobbles total)

Round 2- BB(all in same stitch) MB in every chain 1 space around, slip stitch last bobble to BB chain 1 space.

Round 3-5 repeat round 2

Round 6- BB then slip stitch on top of next 4 bobbles MB, then slip stich 1 bobble; MB then slip stitch next 4 bobbles, MB, Fasten off.
Finishing: Select two appropriately sized buttons or safety eyes. Cut felt into circle shapes for around the eyes. Using embroidery thread, attach felt squares onto owl, then buttons. For the beak, I like to use yarn because it’s a little more substantial then floss and gives me a good, strong feature. I just whip-stitch a triangle shape. Wings are also an option, I usually just make a basic shell shape( Chain 2, then 5 dc into 2nd chain from hook, fasten off) I attach those to either side. I’ve also been known to embroider around the wings for added detail, as well as French knots to the cheeks or eye area for character.

For a video how-to on the Beginning Bobble and regular Bobble stitch, check out my YouTube tutorial. It's my first, sooooo take it easy on me!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter baking.....

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you got a chance to enjoy your family and/or friends today. 

Have you ever just had a hankering to bake? I can't really explain the feeling if you haven't ever experienced it, but this morning when I woke up....I just wanted to bake. I have had this recipe for bookmarked for awhile, so decided it was finally the day to roll up my sleeves and do it! She calls it a Loft house- style cookie, but my boys know them as those good cookies from Walmart, so apparently someone on either end of the coast(or the mid-section for that matter) has seen these and adapted them.(Maybe a copycat version?)

Anyway, here is the rolling of the dough, notice, my 2 1/2 inch round cookie cutter? it's actually the lid off of an applesauce jar, measuring exactly 2 1/2 inches.

Ahhhhh.....can you smell them yet? Here they cool on the rack.

Frosted glory!!!!!

My baking urge has subsided and now we have fresh cookies for our lunches all week long!

Now that I have committed to the wedding afghan here is a tidy little pile of squares......

See you soon, have a sublime Sunday!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


 My good friend is getting married this July. As you can imagine I was beside myself, thrilled for her and her soon-to-be hubby, and for ME! Ahem.....yes, ME! I get to crochet something big and beautiful them. A wedding afghan. It's been 9 months since I completed the Jay-hawker for DD. I've been waiting for the time to start the next Big One and here is my opportunity....finally. I have browsed and searched wedding afghans and realized not one of them is going to work. I have come up with my own design and I hope they like it.  I am going to do this block from this book: 200 Crochet Blocks,(block #16) I am still searching for a matching block and will let you know when it surfaces.