Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hot projects!

Here are the latest owlies in the series. I gifted one to my MIL who was very happy with it. There are now 7 in the collection and no signs of stopping. Such  a quick, easy project, that's let's me be really creative. I get to choose colors, eyes, wings etc. etc. etc.

Speaking of "Hot Projects" is what popped out of my oven this morning. I'm trying to get a jump start on my Thanksgiving baking and whipped up 2 pumpkin pies.
Deb Y. had a cute idea over at Dly's Hooks and Yarns She gave us a peek at her "spot" where she sits and creates. Well, here's mine......notice the theme......X-mas is coming!
Have a superb Saturday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Free knitting pattern-Loop-dee-loop cowl

by Caroline Chrisco

Size 8 knitting needles
2 skeins (approximately) Vanna White by Lionbrand

Cast on 30(I used the long-tail cast-on)
Row 1-Knit
Row 2-knit until all yarn is gone(leave yourself enough to bind of with and enough to whipstitch the ends of the scarf together.)
Last Row- Let 5 stitches drop off needle
Bind off the next 20 stitches
Drop the last 5 stitches.
Fringe: Gently pull the dropped stitches free all the way down each side of the scarf. Don’t go too fast, you’ll get a knotted mess. Coax them gently free of the bound off stitches.
Finishing: Stitch the narrow ends of the scarf together, to create a large continuous oval. Weave in ends. Wear wrapped as desired.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I have floundered around the last couple of months in my crocheting life. I've hooked a project or two but nothing has really grabbed me. I went in search of inspiration....I went perusing blogs and came across this one...Fiddlesticks. I found these darling little owls here and here on it. Just like her interest was piqued so was mine. Now I am hooked.....literally! Here are my first two and there's a third on my hook as you read, with ideas for more to come!

I leave you a picture of my breakfast this morning. I retrieved the last bag a summer blueberries from the freezer. So warm and satisfying.....I use this recipe here and it hits the spot every time!

Have a superb Saturday!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Knitting away......

My blog is titled "The Kansas Hooker" because when I started it years ago, I had fallen madly in love with crocheting, but I came to fiber first, through knitting. About 2 weeks ago, when I was petting yarn in Michael's, I came across this Vanna yarn by Lionbrand:

It just begged to be knitted instead of crocheted for some reason, so I dug out my trusty size 8 bamboo sticks and jumped right in. I had a pattern in mind, but it just felt good to be knitting again. No counting, no turning. Just back and forth, back and forth. I don't even have to  look at the work. My fingers found their places again and click, click, click. I was back in the zone.

Here is the project, I'm calling it the Loop-dee-loo cowl. I am loving the fit and drape of this one, as well as the snugginess factor. It is sooo cozy! I can't wait to put it on with my winter coat.

Loop-de-loo Cowl
by Caroline Chrisco

Free pattern to come soon!