Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby Boy Blue Blankie

A 5th grade teacher in our building is getting ready to give birth to her second baby boy, so here is her blanket. This pattern is so mindless and I think its a perfect baby blanket pattern too.

*Caution* Mama Bragging moment ahead:
Trenton's bird sculpture:

Devin's Dog sculpture:

These were both displayed at our school's art fair and I was so proud.


Sara said...

Lovely blanket.
You have every reason to be proud, mama. :-)

Crafty Christina said...

Great blanket!

Look at your little artists! You should be proud. They're great!

Gloria said...

You did a beautiful job on the blanket...what pattern is that...?

The boys art work is great, funky with character! My nephews name is Devin.

Aurora said...

awe the birds are amazing! They did a great job on them. Love the blanket