Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spring has come! Ha, ha!

It is 70 degrees here in Kansas today! Everyone is running around in shorts and t-shirts. The sun is out, its absolutely beautiful. A girlfriend brought her kids by this am and we had a play date. It was very relaxing to sit out on the patio and get some rays.

My niece has been in the hospital all week with some sort of blood infection. (very scary!) I whipped her up this dolly even though she is way past the dolly stage, but I thought she would like it. I enjoy working on a project with someone specific in mind because each stitch has a thought about them or for them in it. Silly, huh?

A scarf I completed. 3 rows of HDC one row of 3 HDC with a chain one, sk 1. add curly Q fringe.


Anonymous said...

The dolly is adorable and the scarf is marvelous! I hope they find the ailment of the blood infection, and stop it. That IS scary!

Marie Anne said...

Oh goodness, that dolly is so cute! I'd never be able to do that sort of, not in a million years.

I love the scarf too. I'm going to have to try the curly fringe thing. Neat!

CraftyAshley said...

OH she is too cute! You did great. I understand about the stitching and thinking about them. I hope your niece is doing better. Your projects look great, enjoy your sun!

Christina said...

The dolly is adorable and I'm sure your neice will appreciate having a comfort item while in the hospital.

70 degrees! Wow, I'm jealous amiga!

Anonymous said...

I had just challenged you on my blog!!!!

Gloria said...

Your niece is in my prays. My niece has ttp a blood disorder and yes, it can be very scary. I bet she loves the doll. Your chow is beautiful; I had a chow when my kids where little; he was cute but chewed everything and was constantly escaping. Last year we had to put our english bull dog down; seizures; very sad time.
Love your all of your 2008 project.