Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hello Saturday!


I am at an extremely busy time this weekend, so what do I do? BLOG. of course! My DH is out of town until this coming Friday, which for us is a lOOOOOng time. We are still each others BFF and if we can't see and talk with each other everyday, it is a burden!!! With who am I supposed to share the gory details of the Elementary school schedule meeting with?  Who is he supposed to share his frustrations with current United States leadership with? * Sigh* Oh well, on top of it all it is my 3rd son's 11th birthday.  I have to handle 7, 11 year old boys today bowling, laser-tagging, and mini-golfing for 2 hours! What was I thinking when I agreed to having more kids?????? Anyway, we should have a fabulous time, I handle 26 5th graders at any given moment, but it is always different when it is your own, isn't it?

I have finally decide on a complimentary square to join my Wedding square. I am just going to do a traditional granny-type square. I did not use a pattern from book, but just remembered some random pattern that I must have done in years past.

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