Sunday, May 29, 2011

Uglee Dolls 4 Kids(Joplin)

I hope everyone is having a marvelous Memorial Day weekend. We are; sleeping in late, eating lots of good family food, staying up late and watching classic flicks together, and of course watching the races, F1 was from Monaco this weekend and the finish to the Indy 500 was spectacular. The NASCAR race from Charlotte is on the DVR and hasn't been watched yet, so SHHHHHH! Mum's the word, DH and I are going to watch it after kids are in bed.

Anyhoo...I was checking traffic and  usage on my blog tonight and came across this website:
                                                   Uglee Dolls 4 Kids
Someone is using my Uglee Doll Free patterns to do some donations for the children of Joplin. I am stoked. This is a super idea and I am all in. I already have several made up and ready to go. I hope they soon post an adress, so I can gather more support for this effort. If you would be interested, would you please bookmark the above address and keep your eyes open on my blog for further updates. If you feel the need to make an Uglee and would like to donate please don't hesitate to email me and I'll be happy to start spearheading the effort.
Please "like" the Facebook Page: Uglee Dolls 4 Kids

Free Patterns:

Stay tuned!!!!!


Debi Y. said...

What a great thing to do - and a great honor for you that they chose your patterns. Congrats. :)

I'll keep checking back for the address.

Libby said...

Congratulations! What an honor.

Enjoy your holiday.

Crafty Christina said...

That is awesome!!!

Beansieleigh said...

This is great Caroline!.. And it's nice to hear you enjoyed your weekend! I imagine Summer Vacation, just ahead, is looking pretty good too, right?! Not much longer now. It's almost here! ~tina

Melissa Lawson said...

Hi everyone! I'm the one who came across Carolines awesome Uglee Dolls and started putting the project together. I've been working away at them all weekend long. I am so thrilled that Caroline has found the project. I'm so excited that she is supportive of it as well. Thank you all so much. I added the shipping information and general guidelines to the website today. I was just waiting for the holiday weekend to be over so I could receive approval from my pastor to have them shipped to the church. So now that I have the all clear, we are ready to gather all the donations and get them to the kids in need in Joplin.

This is a first time project for me and I'm still learning. So if anyone has any suggestions please email me at Thanks!

~Melissa Lawson~

twinsand2boys said...

I found you from the facebook page. Heres the address Ive seen to mail to

Where do I ship the Uglee Dolls to?

Please ship to:

Uglee Dolls 4 Kids Project

c/o Trinity Lutheran Church

720 Lock Four Road

Gallatin, TN 37066

Linda T said...

The patterns are great! I made three in time for the July Joplin mailing and am hoping they can use some more as they are great fun to make.