Sunday, May 8, 2011

First of all,
I wish all my readers a very happy day, whether you're a mother or not, we're all here because we all had one. So we all know how important they are. My mom was and is, my biggest champion and fan. She always encouraged me to do what I loved and loved whatever I was doing. Who could ask for anything more than that?

Next, here it is, my cowl, I think I started way back in March. Betcha thought I 'd forgotten about it, huh? Nope here it is, it just got kind of tedious doing seed stitch around and around again, so it took me awhile. I pulled this put in between other projects and would work on it. Soooooo,
Whatdaya think?
(P.S. I'm very happy with it, squishy goodness and love the way it lays.)


Debi Y. said...

It looks very nice - I'm sure it'll keep you warm and cozy on those cold snowy days. :)

vikki said...

Like the gray color..very nice

Crafty Christina said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too!!!