Sunday, February 27, 2011

Triangle Uglee-Free Pattern

Triangle Uglee
Original pattern by Caroline Chrisco

WW yarn
G hook
Polyester stuffing
9mm safety eyes
Yarn/embroidery needle
Assorted colors of felt (for choice of eyes/mouth/teeth)

Make 2
Ch. 4, turn
Row 1 sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each remaining chain(3sc); ch1, turn
Row 2 sc in first ch next to hook, then sc in next chain, then 2sc in last chain(4sc); ch 1, turn
Row 3 sc in fisrt chain next to hook, then sc in next 2 chains, then 2sc in last chain(5sc); ch 1, turn
Row 4 – 22 continue this increase pattern until you have a triangle that is 26 sc across at the base; ch1, turn
Row 23 stop increase, sc in each stitch across (26sc); ch 1, turn
Divide for legs:
Row 24(first leg) sc across first 12 sc, stop, ch 1, turn
Row 25-34 repeat row 24
Fasten off

Second leg:
In the middle where the first leg is stopped, skip 1 sc and attach yarn with a slipstitch and ch 1.
Row 24a sc in each stitch acros; ch 1, turn
Row 25a-34a repeat row 24a
Fasten off

Arms (make 2)
Worked in rounds, continuous spiral, do not join.
Magic ring, 6 sc in ring
Rnd. 1 2sc in each stitch around(12sc)
Rnd. 2-4 sc in each stitch around
Rnd. 5 sc decrease in next sc, then repeat 5 more times(6sc)
Rnd. 6-12 sc in each stitch around
Fasten off, stuff lightly.

Match the two sides of triangle together, slipstitch around the outer edge. (you can also whip-stitch the sides together, but I like the finish the slip-stitch gives it.) I work until I have about 2 inches left to stitch together and then I work on the facial features before stuffing and I can easily embroider with my hand inside the “body”.

Design face:
Since this pattern can fashion more than one particular looking “Uglee” You need to decide how ugly it should be. I choose from a whole host of combinations for eyes.

*2 mis-matched somewhat circular or oblong eyes. I use quarters for larger circles and dimes for smaller. I free hand football-shaped eyes.)
*1 funny shaped eye
*A giant X for one or both eyes.

If I am working on 2 mis-matched circular eyes. I trace the pattern onto the felt. Cut it out, also cut a small notch out of the center of the piece of felt so you can slip the safety eye easily through the felt Attach the safety eye and felt. Using white embroidery floss, I fasten the felt with very fine stitches all around the edges of the felt to secure it in place.Repeat with your second eye.

The same “eye” philosophy applies for deciding the personality of the mouth of your Uglee. I choose from these basic mouth styles:

A “V” shaped smile
A crooked smile
A straight line

I choose to use a WW weight black yarn (RHSS) in a large eye yarn needle and stitch in the mouth.

I choose from these basic teeth styles:

1,2, or 3 small square teeth
1 fang
Tongue sticking out

I fashion these the same way I do the background for the eyes. I cut out the desired shape from the felt, place it in the desired location, then stitch around the edges to fasten it securely in place.

Hair: I use two methods to design hair, you can decide which one fits your “Uglee” personality.
#1 I cut several lengths of yarn and fold them in half one at a time. Next I insert my hook to the desired location of the hair , catch the folded end of the yarn and pull through. I then slip the loose ends of yarn through the folded end and pull tight to secure in place.

#2 Curly Q’s-These can be made as long or short as you want, just adjust the length by adding or subtracting the number of chains you begin with. The three lengths I like are:
Short: chain 10; turn then 3sc in each chain until done.
Medium: chain 12; turn, then 3sc in each chain.
Long: chain 15; turn, then 3sc in each chain
Attach hair with a yarn needle to desired position on your Uglee. (Odd number of locks work best!)

Stuff body of Triangle Uglee, I use the eraser end of a pencil to make sure the stuffing gets into the sharp angles so, your Uglee will have a nice triangular shape. Finish slip-stitching the final seam. Attach arms. Weave in all ends.

Additional pattern notes:
I use the invisible single crochet decrease. You can find a great tutorial at

Here is my scratch sheet for different ideas for eyes and mouths:


Tina said...

Aw, I don't think Sheez Uglee at all. LOVE her!! :D

Marie Anne said...

Christine, I featured your uglee patterns for U-day on my blog. I snagged Baby Uglee's photo, I hope that was ok! I gave you credit for all.

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