Sunday, May 2, 2010


Can't believe its Sunday all ready, the weekends go by so fast. It's absolutely beautiful here in the Midwest right now. Crisp air in the mornings with cerulean blue skies all day long.

I've got a couple of things to share.

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I whipped up a couple of these potholders from

I also completed another "ugly" doll.

I've been working on my Musical note graph-ghan, but not as diligently as I should be. I'm about one third of the way done. I need to get cracking on it.
I'm driving to Topeka today to meet up with my odest Ds to give him all his Achitecture projects form the first quarter. He has an interview with the department heads to see which area of Achitecture he will be specializing in. Good thoughts for him please!!!


Libby said...

All of your projects are gorgeous! Hope you had a safe trip and yes, thinking good wishes for your son. :-)

Crafty Christina said...

Good luck to your DS!

I love the ugly doll! Oh man, I had ideas in my head for mother's day since February and of course, haven't followed through on any of them!

Gloria P. said...

Caroline I see you have been busy......crochet, birthdays and fast our children grow day your wishing them out of diapers and the next they are going to the prom!

The children will be getting out of school soon.....does this mean your off for the summer vacation or do you teach summer school?

I have 4 afghan orders and truth be told I am only on the first one and really not in the mood for a big project.....I have stopped twice now and made a fruit bag and a hat......when the warm weather hits I prefer smaller projects......if I find the time I want to make some hand puppets for my step grandson.......or should I say for Tom so he can entertain him while skyping with his daughter and grandson Zach.

Enjoy your weekend!