Friday, June 4, 2010

A little bit of this...a little bit of that.....

Let's take care of some loose is the completed Music Note graph-ghan: COMPLETED! I presented it to our retiring music teacher on Tuesday(our last day of school) and it was a big hit. She was very touched and told me that it really"spoke" to her. That was a huge compliment. She is going to stay home and watch her grandkids next year and I told her it's for spreading out on the floor and playing on.
(This is the only picture I got of the ghan before I rushed it off to school and if yo're a musician you'll notice the treble clef and notes are facing backwards, oop! Took the picure of the wrong side!)
I am working on some little projects, like these squares that may or may not turn into an afghan. I just like this pattern. Fun, quick, and instant crochet satisfaction in a couple of hours.

I have also been reading this blog: and love her use of color and her eye for photography as well. So I started her Attic24 bag. Here is the bottom. I don't know if I have her gift for combining colors, but it is liberating to just grab and go.

I missed my blogging buddies and am enjoying being a full-time mom again. Baseball and tennis are in full swing(notice the pun-har,har!) here and I'm just going to enjpy being a spectator and keeping the waterbottles full.
I am still running and walking(I ran my first 5k earlier this year.) and I must say am loving the things it's doing for me now that swimsuit weather is here! Now if I could just find some boobies some where......;)
Happy, happy Friday!


Mel said...

Your note-worthy afghan turned out lovely! I was able to flip the picture over, I can email it to you if you contact me - I can be reached at inalem at yahoo dot com. I follow Lucy over at Attic 24, too - she's so much fun to read! Love the uglies, too - and the squares. Have a great summer!!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Caroline! It's so good to see you! The afghan you made for the music teacher is beautiful!! I can't imagine how thrilled she must have been when you gave it to her! She'll cherish it always, I'm sure!.. LOVE your granny squares too!.. We still have a good week and 1/2 left of school here, but Summer vacation is almost here! It's so close, Dear Son can taste it! I'm pretty sure Dear Daughter is looking forward to it too! (She LOVES her job though.. remember?.. teaching Spanish full time! She's very lucky! NO LAY OFF for next year! They're keeping her!.. even fighting over her!).. Well, wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend! ~tina

Libby said...

LOVE the afghan!!! Missed you in blog world but you know I understand the close of the year. We have 4 more days to go with kids and then teachers have 3 more after that. The squares are quite lovely and the bag will turn out great!

Crafty Christina said...

Heehee, you're so funny!

The afghan is awesome!! I can only imagine how touching it was for the music teacher that you made such an awesome gift for her. The squares and color combo are great too!

You're so lucky you're out of school. We don't get out til June 23rd!!

Glad to see you back around!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have this pattern for my son who's a musican and a singer. Can u email it to me?

Lisa B said...

Where cani get this pattern?