Saturday, April 3, 2010

A whole lot of something!!!!

Hi all! Although the blog may have been a little quiet since spring break, you know my mind and hands are always at work. Let me give you a gander at some of the latest.......

My mom was in the hospital two weeks ago and I sent her this to keep her company. It did the job fabulously. My MIL went in for surgery on Friday and she got one too.

I made these two scarves with some embroidered and bling embellishment. I'm thinking of opening an Esty store and selling them. My next idea is to make some college-themed or pro-sport ones. What do you think? Even if you don't regularly leave a comment, would you mind weighing in?

This is my final brain-child of the week and it's still in progress. Let's just say its based on a very popular toy with the tween crowd right now.

Finally, music afghan update, its slow going, but going!

We finally have beautiful spring weather here today in the heartland. Devin has baseball practice and my Dh got asked to the prom so we'll be dress shopping. maybe I can sneak a picture and let you preview the dress.
Happy Easter! Feliz Pascuas!


Sara said...

What a great bunny basket!

Crafty Christina said...

You've been busy! The basket is so cute. The scarves are great! I love the embellisment and embroidery. I think you should definitely sell them!

~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

love the basket:) The scarves are so cute I think you should sell them!!

Libby said...

Everything looks fab! Love the curlicues on the scarf and all the embellishments. Yes, I think Etsy is a good idea. :-)

Mel said...

Go for it! The scarves are beautiful, love the embellishments and I bet school colors would go over well. Good luck!!