Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sooooooo busy!!!!!

Well, it centainly was the weekend to end all! We had so much to do and now we need a weekend to recuperate!
It all started on Thursday with Devin's 9th birthday, we had Grandma, grandpa and cousins over for cake.

Next, it was his birthday sleepover on Friday night. There were 5 guys all together and they had a great time. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, had a cookie cake, and played in the zip-line in the backyard. (the weather cooperated, beautiful sunny and 60's!!!)Then we moved inside for "Minute-to-win-it!" games. If you haven't seen the game show on TV, its good family watchin'! My DH downloaded a list of the games and went to WalMart for items and the boys had a great time competing against the clock, instead of each other. We did cup stacking, M&M transfers, apple stacking, ping-pong ball toss just to name a few. We also did the infamous Kleenex box emptier. That was a hoot!

DS displaying one of the gifts he received.

Saturday was spent reuperating and house-cleaning(as if that weren't enough! LOL)

Sunday was race day for our family. A little brother of one of Trenton's baseball teamates has a rare form of cancer. You can read all about him here, prayers welcome! The teamates walked the mile to show their support for him and a fellow teacher and I ran the 5k. We started training on March 1st and have gradually worked up to it. We are soooo proud of ourselves! We finished it and didn't walk not one step!!!!!

This is a picuter of Trenton with his teamamtes and the banner they carried to show thier support.

Here is a picture of the shirt and medal I got for competing.

We're all pooped and spending the day napping and lounging around. I've already taken nap #1, it's almost time for #2. ;)


Crafty Christina said...

Happy Birthday Devin!!

I love Minute to Win it (we're watching it right now actually).

Hope you can squeeze in a third nap!

Keri said...

Sounds like you had a great party, and I hope Devin had a very happy birthday!