Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tiger Ami

A friend of mine at work is a huge Auburn University Tiger fan. So I searched the internet until I found a picture of an amigurumi tiger I thought I could replicate. I don't know how much like a tiger he looks like, but he's cute. If you know where I can get a pattern for a tiger ami, please let me know!!! I'll gladly purchase one if I need too.

On another note, 2 of my original patterns are now being linked to CPC(CrochetPatternCentral) I'm published! They are the Ghost! pattern and my Spider pattern.


Sara said...


Crafty Christina said...

Congrats on the CPC publication!

The tiger is adorable. He looks so sweet!

Aurora said...

omg he is sooooo cute!!!!

Aurora said...

this is cute and I like how the stripes are done.