Thursday, April 16, 2009


Spring is here. Not only can you tell by the weather...its 60 plus today, but our schedules are so crammed full of stuff that I haven't had time catch my breath or a minute to blog.
I have been working on quite a few things. First, a blue baby blanket for a coworker due in June. I also made these fruit ami's from Ana Paula's book.
Lastly, the gals over at the ville remarked how much my first tiger ami looked like a mouse...soooooo, Ta Dah!

The other cool thing that happened this week was that we had a mini-shopping event in our school library . Lots of the girls encouraged me to bring a basket of my ami's to sell, so I did. Long story, short...I sold 6 of them. WooHoo! I made a whopping $42. But I'm happy, now I can get my toes done and thes's enough left for some more yarn!!!!! LOL


Ally said...

What a cute mouse, what pattern did you use?

Yay for making money, way to go! =)

Crafty Christina said...

The mouse is so cute and I love the fruit amis. The apple is really adorable.

Nice job on the sale. Have fun with the pedicure and maniucre.

Caroline said...

Hi Ally, thanks for your comment. I free-handed the pattern for the mouse from a picture. I have had several requests to write up a pattern. Stay tuned, I'm scribbling away!!!!LOL