Saturday, November 1, 2008

Week in Review.........

Trenton before Trick or Treating:
Devin at school parade:

It was a good, fast week that ended with Halloween and Trick or Treating. We had parties at school on Friday and then came home for a couple of hours and went out door to door. The weather here was absolutely perfect. It was 70 degrees, no wind (in Kansas?) The boys made it for at least over an hour and came home with some heavy bags. They dumped it out on the floor and made a couple of piles: Good, Dad's, & giveaway. LOL.

I finished the baby blanket that I have been working on since Sept. I frogged the border twice. The first time I started with the wrong stitch and the next time it was too tight and made the blanket pucker all the way around. Now I am pleased with the result and will actually give it to the 3rd grade teacher in our building this coming week at her shower.
Close-up of border:
Entire blanket:

The pattern is from the 2008 365 Days of Crochet calendar and its Nov. 24th.
One more note, I completed and sold the other shrug and made a tidy little profit.


Lesalicious said...

Congrats on selling the shrug. Looks like your boys had a ball. Love the blanket great job.:)

Christina said...

Your little guys look great! Love the baby blanket. I'm going to have to pull out that pattern and give it a go.

Aurora said...

Awesome pictures, I know I was shocked that our Kansas weather was so darn nice out.