Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day!

We're snowed in! The snow fell, the wind howled, and 11 inches later, we're still here. Snuggled up in our house we stay. Here is my snow day project I began yesterday during the dreary, dark blizzard hours. It's my own design, its going to be a felted tote. Right now, I'm winging it, but hopefully it'll all come together soon.

Here is the second of my headband/earwarmer I whipped up this weekend. I didn't adorn with any fancy buttons, just a simple crocheted flower on the red one.

Love the yarn I used, from my stash, maybe a Paton's Contry Loom?



Crafty Christina said...

Love those headwarmers! I'm going to have to whip some of those up for Christmas! I know a bunch of ladies who would love them.

Clara said...

I love these and from what I can see, looks very attractive on you! Oh my, the snow...yes, snowed in here as well. Keep warm!

Maria said...

Lovely colours in the Patons yarn.
Those headwarmers look fantastic - might try one for myself come winter when I intend to head south

Kristin said...

They are beautiful and look very warm and cozy!!