Saturday, January 15, 2011

Something fun from Yorkshire.....

My mom sent me a little something extra for Christmas, it was ca$h, so I perused several stores and boutiques in this area but never did find that lil' something-something that I really wanted until I was browsing blogs on my dashboard and came across this lil' ditty from Marmaladerose. I jotted her an eager email and "viola" thanks to paypal and the Royal's new home is in Kansas with me.

I also started a second destroyed cowl. This pattern is quick and satisfying. I think this green color will be versitile and look fresh for the gray days of winter ahead.

I'll leave you with this pic of our chow surveying her snowy paradise that is our backyard. In her mind's eye she's thinking...."Ahhhh..perfect, now go find a sunbeam place to flop down in the snow and relax!"

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Libby said...

That is a really beautiful bag. Great treat to self (from Mom). I know the second cowl will be a beauty too? Are you back to work now?