Sunday, January 2, 2011

Felted hat

My sister came up and visited me right after Christmas and wanted to try a felting I decided to join in. We found a simple beret pattern on Here is my before picture:

Here is the after:

I used Paton's Classic Wool and it couldn't have been easier. Now I'm currently browsing more felting patterns!


Libby said...

I love it! Felting gives an all new perspective. :-)

* Work resumes tomorrow, kids and all.

Clara said...

Pretty, pretty!!

Kristin said...

I want to try felting soon! The beret turned out great. :)

Crafty Christina said...

Wow, the hat looks amazing! I love the way the wool pattern felted. That's the rose something colorway, right? I think I have some of that in my stash. I have no find it now.