Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Since I have so many WIPs piling up this summer I thought I'd play along with Mary Anne over at Every Day Crochet. I am making hexagons and I absolutely love the way they're turning out. I am using #30 from the book Beyond The Square . I hope to make a fabulous purse like the one featured in Sew Ritsy-titsy's blog.
I am also still working on my Flower Box Afghan seen in this post. Plugging away, making those squares. ;-)


Marie Anne said...

I love the hexes!

I'm not good at joining except for the flat braid method, and I don't think it would work well in a shape other than squares, but I think hexagons add more interest than squares.

Thanks for playing along on WIP Wednesday!

Crafty Christina said...

They are so pretty! I can't imagine all those little ends you need to weave in.

Caroline said...

Christina: I do it as I go so I won't go crazy at the end of the project!!!!

Marsha S said...

good job on the project. I hopped over here from an older WIP post of Marie Anne's.
I love the name of your blog he he
I am also from Hutchinson.
I love to crochet.
I am your newest follower, and I am just starting the WIP Wednesday posts.