Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Here we sit under 8 inches 0f fresh snow! It was 66 degrees here yesterday. Argh! I had to post this picture of our Dusty Bear looking longingly out our front window. This is absolutely her most favorite weather. This morning when I let her out, instead of doing her business, she just proceeded to lie down and enjoy the snowy, cold goodness.

Notice all the snow on her coat.....LOL


Keri said...

Same here, Caroline! We don't have the depth yet, but it's supposed to do this until tomorrow. Just the fact that it was in the mid-70's here yesterday . . . CRAZY!! Our Greyhounds aren't quite as fond of the cold as Dusty, but they don't have that nice furry "padding", either. :)

Crafty Christina said...

Whoa! That is crazy weather for you!