Saturday, November 14, 2009

Autumn morn....baking, yum!

My blog buddy Crafty Christina had this tasty breakfast treat posted from here. So its turned out to be a true Fall day here in kansas, gray and blustery, I decided to do some baking to warm things up bit. So far so good...I'll let you know how it comes out.

Happy Saturday everyone!



Libby said...

Caroline, can't wait to see your finished treat. Love that pot holder!

Here's the link to the hat and scarf set:

BTW, are you on Ravelry?

Crafty Christina said...

Your pot holder is adorable!

That cake is sooo good. If I was in Kansas, I'd come over for some!

Keri said...

Yummo!!! I'm getting hungry, seeing all these recipes this morning . . . your chocolate chip coffee cake and the Snickers apples on another blog! When I first looked at your cake, I thought the dark "dots" were raisins, which in my family are called BUGS! My husband is the ONLY one in our family who will eat a raisin, so I was going to bypass the recipe. But, after checking it out at, and seeing that it was chocolate chips, I had to copy the recipe. Thanks a million . . . looks like something yummy to have on hand for Christmas morning.