Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chiles and Ice Cream ....oh my!

As some of you may know the school year is going to be starting up here again in 1 week(Yes, you heard me correctly!!!)I had to pack up my room at the end of last year and move into a new room. I'm not complaining too loudly because its a bigger and better room. 2 whole windows!!! I was in a cave last year!!! This is some fabric I bought to make valances for my new cherished windows:

I have a chile pepper pinata in my room so I think this theme will fit in nicely. I'll try to remember to take a pic of my room with the new curtains!

Over at the "Ville" I participated ina dischcloth swap. What I really liked about this swap were the rules: Keep It Simple!(KISS) You only allowed to send one dishcloth, that's all, that's it. Here is the cloth I received: It's sitting on my stove-top.

Isn't it cute? My younger guys loved helping me open it. Mystified that a total stranger would not only make somethng, but send it to me. Thanks again leaette!


Gloria said...

I love the material...can't wait to see the curtains finished and your new room at school!

I won't be posting much after this week, I will be busy getting read for our move to Austin....less than 3 weeks away from the big move. I am excited and anxious all at the same time.

I welcome the change it been a long year with complication to my my pacemaker and I am glad that I will not have to endure another winter in the house.

Keri said...

Oh yeah, I love the chili peppers! Quite appropriate for a Spanish teacher, and I can't wait to see the curtains. My daughter, Ryanne, got a new room this year, also, and she's having trouble finding all the stuff she packed up last year. She said the move will be worth it . . . more windows, a sink, AND a landline telephone. Having Special Ed kids, she spends a lot of time on the phone with the parents, and they were calling her at all hours on her cell phone.

How do I get involved in things like the "Dishcloth Swap"? I'd love to participate. The big afghans tend to bore me a little, but I love the small, quick projects that provide the "instant gratification". :)

Crafty Christina said...

The chile pepper fabric rocks! That's going to add so much color anf fun to the classroom. Good luck with all the unpacking. Your schools start SO early. We don't start until after labor day!

Keri said...

Beansie invited me to join her little blog game, so I am forwarding the invitation to you. Drop by "Greyt Balls" for the rules. Hope you are well and rested for the start of the new school year.

Beansieleigh said...

Ooh!.. This new room sounds like it will be fun to see! Love the fabric! (I am STILL gonna try one of those mice pretty soon! LOVE them!) ~tina

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Caroline! I finished a mouse today! I want to post it, but I don't know when for sure.. I might hold off, to show her on Pink Saturday (with her little pink nose and her little pink ears, and bows). People may be heading over your way to get the pattern for themselves that day, so I hope you're up for company?! She was fun, and pretty quick to make, and I'm thinking I just might make another one now! (Well, she has to have a friend!) ~tina

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Again! That's what I did! I did mine in white with pink ears! (0; If you want a sneak peek, Caroline, Email me, and I will email you back with an attached photo. ~tina

Lingwei said...

Hi there,
I didn't know where else I could ask you this question:
Your blog is really cute, especially the bird on your title page. I was wondering if you also have the pattern for the bird somewhere? I want to make it and put it in a small bird cage I have.


Libby said...

I had that same fabric in my classroom too. I attached velcro on the top edge and used it to cover the cubbies. :-)