Monday, March 10, 2008

My machine

Here is my machine! My grandma had it for about 10 years, then she passed away 10 years ago. I would love a drop-in bobbin and some fancy stitches, but this one runs like a top! My DH promises'"One day......" but alas, that day is still very far off I fear!!

I am currently still making things for my Secret Pal so I can't post those, my shrug sits forlorn and untouched. I've started a baby blanket for a girlfriend. Ever need a change of pace?


CraftyAshley said...

Wow I wouldn't of guessed that that machine was 20 years old! Thanks for sharing pics! I sure can't wait for a change of pace these squares and ami's then more squares and ami's are killing me!

Lesalicious said...

Love your machine. What some people don't know is that the older the machine the better they work even though they don't do alot of what the newer machines do. I know that I totally want my grandmoms sewing machine one day in the future since I am the only one in the family that took up sewing so I know I will get it. Now time to sew sew sew show us what you is made of lol. :)

Christina said...

Nice machine! I'd love to see more of your sewing projects!