Saturday, March 10, 2012

Springing forward.......

Hi all, spring is just around the corner, we all should getting ready to move our clock hands ahead an hour this Saturday. So what better way to greet spring than with a new project!!!!
I found this pattern here and it inspired me immediately.
It was a fun pattern, easy, fun....instant results.
This fabric will be the lining....I'm warming up the sewing machine as this is being written. Can't wait to finish this one up.

Lastly, here is a peek of the finished project that I have been working on over the past several weeks. It's almost ready to "Tah-dah!" but not quite. I've got to finish blocking it, so all the details show up just right. I am dearly in love with this project and want to show it in its best light. Please hold on just a while longer.


Libby said...

Your bag is amazing and I love the lining. Bursts of color everywhere. And your second project is also lovely. Teacher, teacher, I know what it is! I can't wait to see if after blocking. :-)

Beansieleigh said...

Both are going to look gorgeous, I'm sure! Can't wait to see them when they're done!.. And thanks for the reminder about the clock. My daughter reminded me yesterday, but sure enough, I forgot! (0; Hope you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina

Hazel's Crochet said...

The bag pattern is lovely, can't wait to see the results once it has been blocked :)

I love the detail in your second project too :)

Eileen said...

Looking forward to your "Tah Dahs" on both projects. Looking good.

Carla's Inspirations said...

Glad you got the last skein for that Joplin Vest. It will be an awesome item to wear, I am sure. Love the popcorn stitch purse too. I had one like that when I was a kid.