Friday, February 5, 2010


Another big snow!

Well, its Friday and snowing here in Kansas. We all groaned when we saw it, but this was different snow; a soft, chunky, wet snow. Great for snowmen, snowballs, and snowboarding. Plus it was only 34 degrees, so we could stay outside a lot longer than when we had our frigid X-mas snow with sub-zero temps.

DS Birthday cake

Last week my "baby" turned 7! We had 5 friends over for a "playdate" (code for how can we top the 4 other parties my son has already been to this month, so we were
fresh out of ideas. LOL.) We have several generations of Legos in tubs(because I do have an 18 and 16 year old), so we dumped them all out on the floor and literally had a sea of Legos. We then decorated cupcakes and finally played with all the Hotwheel sets we have accumulated over the years. All in all it was a very successful party. Just what the boys needed on a cold, dreary January day.
Happy Birthday sweetie!

Projects: The end is in sight for the JRT afghan, I have about 30 more ends to weave in and then I can start on the border. I can't wait to take the final pic and show you all.
I have really been onto knitting these "Republic hats". They are so easy and satisfaction is guaranteed. here are too I just finished up. I am still searching for just the right button for the green one. I hope to start on the Republic Scarf this weekend.

What a wonderful Friday! No school for any of us because it was our "comp" day for doing parent/teacher conferences late Wednesday and Thursday night.


Crafty Christina said...

The hats look great! Its snowing here today too. A great day to stay under a blanket and watch movies.

Happy Birthday to your little guy!!

Libby said...

You guys get a comp day! No fair. :-) Happy Birthday wishes to your 7 yr. old! The Republic hats look great! I love that shade of green. Hope you find the right button soon.

Oh, yes, to answer your qs. We made up a snow day on today. Now I need a nap. zzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

The hats are beautiful! Do you share the patterns with strangers from Texas? LOL I found you blog in a round about way. I thought it was cool b/c I was born in Kansas and some family of mine lives there as well. BTW Did you knit or crochet the hats? Just Beautiful!