Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow day part deux!

Hi all! yesterday we had no school because of the impending blizzard bearing down on us, well it came and went and now we're still out of school! Temperatures have plummeted here( a nice brisk 1 degree! with a 20 below wind chill!) So with snow and chill we're home another day!!

Here is a quick project update....remember the Jack Russell afghan I was making for my in-laws? Well.....I found on mistake I had made on row 65 and I was on row 119 two days before Christmas. The end was in sight!!! I just could not give it to them in good conscience with such an obvious blunder especially snce I had already put so much time into it.'s where I am now row 91:

It's slowly taking shape again. I did show it to them and told them to hold on just a bit longer....!

Here is something on my needles when I need a break from the doggie-ghan. A scarf and hat set both from Ravelry:

Happy Thursday everyone!


Crafty Christina said...

Wow, look at all that snow.

Its heartbreaking to have to rip back so many rows. I think I would have been a lesser person and left the mistake, haha!

Keep warm!

Keri said...

Oooh, the Jack Russell is going to be so darn cute! You are so dedicated to rip out that much work. High five to you! And, yes, we're feeling the cold here, too. Hunter's school was not out, but Ryanne's school was out for 2 days. Go figure . . . all in the same town! :)

Gloria P. said...

Wow you never cease to amaze me, it is beautiful! And I know that feeling when you are almost done and have to rip almost half of your work out because you caught a mistake! I feel like - this can't be right, oh no it it and too start ripping! Wishing you a great weekend. Stay warm!

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