Friday, March 20, 2009

Easter Amis

I got the patterns for the amis from a gal over at the 'ville. Aren't they darling? They are, of course to gift for Easter. I have made a couple for special orders too. The grandmas at school love 'em for their lil ones.

Lil boy blue bunny:

I changed the tail to a pom-pom.

Lil chick, I used a "F" hook on this one(the pattern called for a "G")

Lambie Pie

They are all done in good ole RHSS except for the blue bunny which is Bernat Cotton Tots, the bumby rose bunny which is Bernat Soft Bucle, and the small pink bunny which is CaronSS.
I am also working on scarves for an Auburn university fan who wants to take a bag full to the NCAA diving finals next week to sell. She thinks they'll be a hit. We'll see....:)


Gi said...

They are adorable Caroline. I have not yet made a toy. How are U? The snow is finally gone.......I am so thankful the warmer temps are approaching.
I really enjoy reading and browsing your blog.

Anonymous said...

I totally love the bunnies!

Debbi-a1 said...

Cute liitle Amis. I love them. You did a great job.

Gi said...

Hi Caroline:

No I didn't hear about a storm. I suppose I should check out the weather.