Sunday, June 1, 2008

Farah the Fat Fairy

A fellow 'ville member generously allowed ne to test this darling amigurumi doll.

School is finally out and I'm so ready for summer! Ot's starting to feel like summer here, so I guess a visit to the pool is just around the bend.

Projects to get done ASAP: curly q's on red scarf, black shrug, pink purse, suede purse. Then I can start a new list!!!


Christina said...

Oooh, she's so cute! I tested her as well. I'm just making the skirt and then she'll be all done. I love the colors you chose for her!

Aurora said...

OMG she is cute!!!! I will have to check out if she is selling her. She is darling. You did a great job on her.

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