Sunday, December 30, 2007

My sis's visit

My sister and her family arrived safe and sound yesterday and we had a blast. It ended all too soon. I fed them lunch here at the house, then bascically my sis and I sat around and talked!!! We talked about the folks, husbands, kids, work(we're both teachers) and last but not least crochet!!!! We plowed through all of my magazines. We ooooed and aawed over the pretty stuff(good thing we have the same taste!) and gagged over the tacky stuff(especially this issue of Crochet Today! there is only like 2 things that are halfway "do-able; IMO) Any how, she loved the chicken I made for her.

We ate dinner at Carrabas Italian resturant. We had soooo much fun. We sat, all 12 of us, around a big high top table. We chatted and laughed until almost 8 that night and then I had to say "Good-bye" in the parking lot.

One pleasant surprise is that everyone of the cousins got along! Ginny and Liz pair up with my Tay. Freddie gets both Devin and Trenton, and of course Austen and Brett. We never even heard so much as a peep from any of the groups. One thing that helped the younger crowd was the dads took them sledding and boy! did they use up the energy. They came home ready to play quietly with new Christams toys

Here is a a last look at my tree, I'm going to start dismantling tomorrow.....

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