Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bobble Owl-free pattern


Bobble Owl

By Caroline Chrisco

WW yarn
G hook
2 small buttons for eyes
Embroidery needle and floss
Polyester stuffing
Special Stitches:

Beginning Bobble(BB) chain 3, then 3 dc in selected stitch, next remove hook from loop of last completed dc, insert hook through the 3rd chain of beginning chain 3, catch the loop you just dropped and slip stitch through that chain of beginning chain 3; chain 1

Make Bobble(MB) 4 dc in designated stitch; next remove hook from loop of last completed dc, insert hook through top of first completed dc, slip stitch through that dc; chain 1.
To begin: Chain 11

Round 1- Beginning Bobble, then *skip a chain, next Make Bobble* Repeat between* three more times; finally 2 MB in last chain. Continuing down the opposite side of your starting chain MB in the first skipped chain 1 space. Repeat MB 2 more times using the skipped chains( so the bobbled are falling in between the previously made bobbles.) MB in the same space as your BB. Slip stitch the last bobble to the chain one of BB (10 bobbles total)

Round 2- BB(all in same stitch) MB in every chain 1 space around, slip stitch last bobble to BB chain 1 space.

Round 3-5 repeat round 2

Round 6- BB then slip stitch on top of next 4 bobbles MB, then slip stich 1 bobble; MB then slip stitch next 4 bobbles, MB, Fasten off.
Finishing: Select two appropriately sized buttons or safety eyes. Cut felt into circle shapes for around the eyes. Using embroidery thread, attach felt squares onto owl, then buttons. For the beak, I like to use yarn because it’s a little more substantial then floss and gives me a good, strong feature. I just whip-stitch a triangle shape. Wings are also an option, I usually just make a basic shell shape( Chain 2, then 5 dc into 2nd chain from hook, fasten off) I attach those to either side. I’ve also been known to embroider around the wings for added detail, as well as French knots to the cheeks or eye area for character.

For a video how-to on the Beginning Bobble and regular Bobble stitch, check out my YouTube tutorial. It's my first, sooooo take it easy on me!

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glamteach said...

I encounter many difficulties while trying to follow your design. Are there any amendments to the pattern ? Thank you.