Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free Octopus Pattern!

Free Octopus pattern
by Caroline Chrisco

Small amounts of ww yarn
“G” hook
9mm safety eyes
Fiberfill stuffing
Embroidery thread/needle
Small amount of pink felt

Do not join rounds; work in a continuous spiral
Magic circle; 6 sc in circle
Rnd. 1- 2 sc in each sc around(12sc)
Rnd. 2- 2 sc in next stitch then 1 sc; repeat around(18sc)
Rnd.3- 2 sc in next stitch then 2 sc; repeat around(24sc)
Rnd.4-2 sc in next stitch then 3 sc; repeat around(30sc)
Rnd.5-2 sc in next stitch then 4 sc; repeat around (36 sc)
Rnd. 6- 2 sc in next stitch then 5 sc; repeat around(42sc)
Rnd.7-2sc in next stitch then 6 sc; repeat around(48 sc)
Rnds -8 thru 15 sc around
Rnd. 16- *sc dec then sc in next 6 stitches* repeat around(42sc)
Rnd. 17-*sc dec then sc in next 5 stitches* repeat around(36sc)
Rnd.18-*sc dec then sc in next 4 stitches* repeat around(30sc)
Rnd. 19-*sc dec then sc in next 3 stitches* repeat around(24sc)
Rnd. 20-*sc dec then sc in next 2 stitches* repeat around(18sc)

This is where I stop and work on the facial features:

*Attach 9mm safety eyes(I attach in the middle and with about 9 stitches inbetween)
*Embroider mouth.
*Attach 2 felt circles for cheeks.
Rnd. 21-*sc dec then sc in next 1 stitch* repeat around(12sc)
Finish stuffing, so you can shape it to a nice circle shape.
Rnd. 22- sc dec in every stitch around (6sc)
Fasten off, I weave my yarn tail in and out of every stitch(6sc) then gently pull inorder to completely close the hole up. Weave in tail.

Legs(make 8)

Using 2 strands of yarn:
Chain 20, then 3 sc in 2nd chain from hook; 3 sc in every stitch down the chain. It should start curling after the first few chains. Fasten off.

Attach all legs to bottom of body. I tend to put 4 on each side, so that it can sit evenly, but let me know if you find a better way.


Yarnjeannie said...

These are adorable! Thanks for posting the pattern - I must make a couple of these.

Gloria P. said...

Cute! I love it, this will be my firt ami, thanks for sharing!

Hope all is well.

Crafty Christina said...

Cute! Thanks for the pattern!

Keri said...

Love it, love it, Caroline! Just this past weekend, I found a scarf that I made back around Christmas that needed a little "oomph". (Is that a real word?) :) Anyway, I remembered seeing your corkscrews on your scarf pattern. So, I started making some. They're really fun and easy to make, so now I can whip up corkscrews like crazy and attach them to octupus bodies! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

Keri said...

Hi, Caroline! Thanks for commenting on my dilemma about crocheting for other people. I've only been crocheting for about 7 months, and it makes me swell with pride when people admire my projects. At first, I was crocheting little "gift" items for people, just because I could never put my hook down, and I enjoyed surprising people with my little handmade creations. Now, I still enjoy making things for people, but like you said, I REALLY enjoy giving things to my closest friends and family members . . . people who truly appreciate the love and care that went into the gift. I was recently asked by a co-worker, a lady I barely know, if I would make an OSU bed cover for her best friend. She said she would be happy to buy the yarn. Hmmmph! I didn't know how to respond (kindly), so I told her I would do it. I didn't blurt out a price because I was tongue-tied. Now, I've been trying to figure out how to handle these situations in the future.

I love your ideas. I think next time this happens, I'll offer to teach the admirer how to crochet and offer my assistance, but I'll not volunteer for anymore huge projects. In the meantime, I'll have to look at a lot of orange and black and be regretting that I wasn't bold enough to speak up.

Thanks again for your thoughts!

Dragonflymom said...

omg this is just way too cute!!! I think you are an awesome designer!!

Codie said...

Hi Caroline! I love love love this cute octopus. I am trying very hard to make one, but I am new to this. Any suggestions? I do not think I am doing it correctly :[

Caroline said...

Hi Cody, please post any questions, I'm happy to help!

Mrs MacOlsson said...

I made a huge octopus and it has proved so popular that lots of my friends have asked me for one! I really like your idea for the legs, and have actually used that idea to make hanging cords for toys too. I posted a picture on my blog - Thank you for sharing!

Marina said...

I made one of these little guys for a Christmas present. It turned out wonderfully but making the legs were a lot of work. Thank you for the amazing pattern!

Unknown said...

LOVE this pattern! Thanks for sharing!!!

I'm working on the tentacles now...but mine are turning out as curly as yours? I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong....

Unknown said...


insight said...
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Nick said...

I love you for this. My best friend loves octopuses, so I made this for her. She loved it. I'd never done anything more difficult poncho Im really happy to have made this successfully. Thanks for letting me challenge myself with this pattern. Its great!

sara said...

hello carolin,
i adore your octopus. it's perfect.
thank you for free pattern
can you help me, pleas, to enlarge her!she is about 10cm, but i want make it 20cm or 30cm, but i don't know how to enlarge any amigurumi :(

Viz-Blog said...

I have been searching the internet for an old crochet pattern. It is a bird [chick for Easter, Robin for Christmas]. This is just a simple little flat circular pattern - a smaller round is worked onto a larger round.
I had a scribbled pattern from years ago, but I can't work it out, and I'm no good without a pattern.
Is anyone able to help me?

Katie said...

Hi, I was wondering if you had a modern pattern for this because I'm not sure how to read this- I'm new to the whole working patterns thing :)

CrochetFlowersGarden said...

Oh, it is so cute! I started crocheting abut an year ago and till now I have been experimenting only with flowers patterns, but I thing a new passion was just born! love your fantastic toys! Can't wait till tomorrow to try this one! Thank you for sharing with us!

Katherine said...

Hi. I absolutely adore this plushie! Thanks so much for the pattern. I've only been crocheting for about 2 months and actually learned the magic circle yesterday! I was just wondering if the circle (for the head) is supposed to ruffle? I don't know if I'm doing it correctly. I'm hoping the ruffle will die down as I keep going, but am a little worried. I'm currently on round 7. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pattern. I actually made the blush for the cheeks from crochet circles and still looks adorable! I might use a slightly less curly leg for the rest from a pattern I figured out for it too.

Channing said...

Thank you so much for this precious pattern! I crocheted circles for the eyes and the cheeks on mine and I only used single thread for the legs. Then I crocheted a lovey that looked like the ocean and attached the octopus to the middle. It turned out super cute! I will be making this again very soon!!!

farah nasir said...

Hi,thanks for the easy cute pattern,will be making a few more of these for my nieces .

Unknown said...
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glasscat26 said...

I just made this! Thank you for this easy to follow pattern. My niece is going to love it!

Heather McBeth said...

Super cute! My daughter insisted on buying a crocheted octopus at a craft show this weekend so i had to come home and show her i could have made her one for free! :)
I crocheted the legs during the last decrease round, because i hate attaching things. It was a little fussy but made sure they were spaced out evenly and i think they turned out cute.
I saw one post from a while back about the curls not turning out, i had the same issue and discovered if i crochet in just the top loop of the stitch they curl much better!
Thanks so much for this pattern!

StampingJoan said...

I am new to crochet and this is my first attempt at armi! I have the head done and one tentacle. What is the best way to attach them? I am not good at sewing etc. I left a long tail before my chain and a long one when I fastened off thinking I could "tie" them on. But doubt that would hold up? So any tips?

And thanks for sharing this adorable little creature!

Bonnie Bingham said...

What is “ww” yarn?

Bonnie Bingham said...

What is “ww” yarn?

Bonnie Bingham said...

What is “ww” yarn?